The Best Songs of 2020

For forty years I’ve been tracking new music I like. For a while, I did mixed tapes of my favorite songs for each year. Since the iPod was introduced, I switched the playlists for each year. For two years now, those playlists are now on Amazon Prime. While my music tastes continue to change, I still seek out new music. Every year I think that the year prior was the best year yet. 2020 was a miserable year BUT some amazing music was produced during the year. Perhaps it’s because artists were forced to innovate like never before.

I’ve been meaning to post my favorite songs of 2020 since mid-January but as always I get distracted with something. Here are my top ten songs of 2020:

Young Buck by Braids

Control by Brooke Bentham

Let Me Down by Oliver Tree

Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus by The Strokes

The New Insane by Counterfeit

People, I’ve Been Sad by Christine and the Queens

Held Down by Laura Marling

Drop Dead by Hilly Humberstone

Nightmares by Alice Glass

Need Your Love by Tennis

In 2020, I revisited Springsteen’s music. While I don’t think I have ever have him on a list, he has continued to get better with age. I decided I wanted to have him on this list as an extra bonus.

Letter to you by Bruce Springsteen

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