First Half of April Haikus

Last month one of my readers suggested I break my monthly summary of daily haikus into two. Here are the April 1st to April 15th haikus.

The streets of our town
Lost the meaning they once had
Forgive me, my friend

Flowers bloom in Spring
Life swells green below our feet
Vibrations of life

Your laughter warns me
Like a meditation bell
To appreciate

When you say my name
My heart soars above it all
You catch me grinning

I love to watch when
Your hands dance as you speak
You are not Latin?

Chasing history
Has never been this much fun
Are you surprised too

Car rides together
When you break into a song
Are a dream to me

When it is all done
What makes a true holiday
But your hand in mine

Sometimes I am scared
That the ringing in my ears
Becomes all I know

What a silly pup
You brighten every morning
With your carefree ways

I run to stay fit
The truth is much more than that
It’s meditation

People make choices
How do they arrive to them?
No one is the same

Pressure in my head
Threatens to rip it open
Make too much of it

From the other room
I hear you tell life stories
It’s a symphony

I irritate you
I never mean to do so
Can you forgive me?

The Tiger

I was an old man when I heard about him
My peoples’ lives had been saddled by
Two thousand years of hatred and confusion
To the Deer Park I traveled
To get a glimpse and to understand
What had been forgotten with time
I heard him speak of open hearts and minds
I felt my soul stir at his mere presence
So I decided to stay and learn what others have
I sat beneath the Bodhi tree as he once did
But I did not comprehend
I shaved my head and donned saffron robes
But I did not comprehend
I walked miles with begging bowl in hand
But I did not comprehend
I took the four noble truths to heart
But I did not comprehend
I followed the noble eightfold path
But I did not comprehend
As I grew older and weary I decided
To go back to my ancestral Rome
For clearly I lacked what was required
On the way I met a fellow traveler
A tiger she told me she was
She could show me what I could not grasp
I laughed and told her that I was too old
The path for awakening is left to those
That have their heart and their wits
She jumped and clawed me with her sharp paws
And I began to comprehend
She toyed with me as I tried to get away
And I continued to comprehend
She growled fear into my heart and soul
And I continued to comprehend
She grabbed me by the neck and took my breath
And I continued to comprehend
She devoured me in one swift move
And I finally understood
There is nothing and everything left
I am her and there is no me left
The old man is now part of the tiger
We roam the forest looking for souls
We tell them the truth and show them
That there is no me left and there never was


Note: I wrote this piece a few years ago. It’s my favorite piece, but one that no one else has liked. I’ve submitted it for publication several times and has always been turned down.

Great ideas from fiercebuddhist and


Since this is National Poetry month I thought I would gather up a few ideas to spark interest. Have fun!

  1. Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day
    The idea is simple: select a poem you love, carry it with you, then share it with co-workers, family, and friends.
  2. Put a poem on the pavement
    “Go one step beyond hopscotch squares and write a poem in chalk on your sidewalk.”
  3. Recite a poem to family and friends
    “You can use holidays or birthdays as an opportunity to celebrate with a poem that is dear to you, or one that reminds you of the season.”
  4. Memorize a poem
    “Getting a poem or prose passage truly ‘by heart’ implies getting it by mind and memory and understanding and delight.”
  5. Promote public support for poetry
    “Every year, Congress decides how much money will be given to the National Endowment for the Arts to be distributed all…

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Have you?

Have you ever had the aftertaste
When desperation subsides?

Life has kicked you in the teeth
You were flat on the ground
Swallowing your pride
And a good dose of blood

You looked around to see
What hit you so hard
Standing there wearing bloody boots
Was yourself smirking back

You are not what you thought
There was only one person
That could have taken you down
And it would always be yourself

Have you ever looked around
And found insanity waning?

You look in the rearview mirror
And see carnage behind you
What could have done that
Yes, it was you and you alone
But you are too good
You have thought
Turns out you were not
You are all too human

Have you ever reached out
And found another landscape?

You find that the calm
Means something else now
All that once was is gone
A new world stands there

You want to crawl back
For what you know
But that is long gone
Even if you can still see it

Have you ever been deafened
By the silence between heartbeats?

You die every second or so
And every breath is your last
And you are born again
Only to die once more

There is always calm
Somewhere and sometimes
There is always turmoil
When you least expect it


March Haikus

Moving your own space
Even when it is not far
Unexpected toll

Doors open each day
Clouds pass by above our heads
That one looks like love

You blossom each day
Inspiration at close range
You are a beacon

Please hold me, I pray
I falter away from you
Show me our future

How quiet it can be
I still worry all the same
Are you satisfied?

Doer was my fate
Ideas stole me away
I’m grasping at straws

Relief for tasks done
Only to jump to the next
Enjoy the journey

Welcome warm weather
The seeds awaken ever so
Promise of light soon

Coming home to you
A promise that delivers
Revive me, I plead

Halfway through the day
I recalled what this was once
Bittersweet it’s now

I woke up achy
My body is rebelling
How to bring order

Food sustains us all
The art of cuisine is lost
To a sorry world

Patience is a gift
You practice it with aplomb
My awaken one

The audience filed in
My mouth dried like the dessert
Become another

Snow capped peaks reach up
Lazily we cruise, it seems
A flight over clouds

Slight changes transform
A life driven by routine
For better, I hope

Below me unfolds
Geography so alive
Dragons engulf towns

Music brings to life
Happiness and a longing
You and I just dance

I am told my role
How strange that I become it?
When did comfort grow?

It seems very odd
Surrounded by those like me
They all say my thoughts

Away from our home
We both want to just go back
We miss our sweet boys

Never saw Texas
This little corner is fun
Keep Austin weird, y’all!

It’s back to the grind
Returning to regular
Means harried clean up

A day filled by plans
Prepare a new surrender
For soon I move on

Once this was all new
Today is a new future
Time to clean and dust

I sit back in awe
I’m sure I’ve said it before
I’m drunk on your love

With her arrival
It’s time to let go once more
A small death of sorts

It’s all very strange
Suddenly calls from afar
Tell me they want me

I hear loud ringing
Like it’s an emergency
Worry starts to grow

The pounding starts slow
Becomes a cacophony
Threatens sanity

I decide it’s stress
Even when I feel relief
The mind, a wonder

You are like the lamp
The light that you can emit
Makes this place our home