The Coil

There is a sudden desire to undress
It’s urgent as if all depends on it
I shiver regardless
My body shakes but it must come off
I get under the covers
I seek warmth or reassurance

I’m not sure what I know
A headache grows
Pounding like a drum
Surging over everything
The drum gives me warmth
I struggle to pull a sheet over me
Someone is holding it
I look but no one is there
The drum gives me strength
I mightily wrestle it away
The sheet wraps me
The cold recedes as does the drum

The coil that forms my brain unravels
Slowly at first
It gathers speed
How did I not know it was a coil?
Laughter rises as a Cinnabon appears
Yes, the coil is delicious
As the coil unravels I worry
What happens at the end?
The unraveled brain flat like ribbon
Will it pile up around me?
I have to get up to pick up the ribbon

I look outside
Well below my window they are there
The undead walk to and fro
Do they know about the coil?
Do they have a coil?
Maybe they are just jumbled ribbons

A chuckle noise distracts me
It’s me, I’m laughing at the undead
And their jumble ribbon brains
Maybe I can show them
We could put their ribbon brains in a coil
Maybe they’ll stop being undead
They could hear the drum
What happened to the drum?

The coil is gone and I’m falling
Falling into the void where the coil once was
I have to call someone
Can someone help me gather the ribbon?
Maybe keep me from falling
Before I call I better get dressed
Being undead and naked is embarrassing

What’s the front and what’s the back?
Ribbon brain is not that smart
Clothes come on quickly

Where is the phone?
I dial something
A voice answers in Swahili
A least it sounds like it
My mouth opens and the drum beats
She hangs up calls me an idiot
Idiot in Swahili sounds sweet
Maybe I’ll just wait
Someone will find me covered in ribbon
My friends are smart
They’ll know how recoil it

Six hours pass as I watch the undead
They walk aimlessly
Why don’t they pick up the ribbon brains?
My brain starts to recoil on its own

I’m hungry, I’m so hungry
I pick up the phone again
Rick picks up the line
He sounds like an undead
I think he’s upset
Did I interrupt him?
He shows up, eventually
He’s with Jackie
They are arguing
Rick the undead with ribbon brain
And Jackie with a tight coil
Why can’t we get along?

I’m hungry, is it dinner time yet?
They agree that it is

We meet with Mark outside
The undead have listened to me
They have gathered their coils tight
Even Rick has although he’s still upset
I haven’t eaten in 3 days
I eat a lot
My coil brain forgets
My coil brain will become Judas

For twenty years it will betray me
Maybe I should let it be ribbons
Or maybe just a Cinnabon.

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