In a couple of weeks,

it would have been

your 44th birthday.

Throughout all these years

You’ve been in my mind

as frequently as ever.

It’s amazing that there are

only three people in this planet

that ever think of you.

Of course it’s only because there are

only three people alive

that remember you like we do.

I often wonder what kind of man

you would have been,

if you could have stayed.

I know you would be someone

I would admire,

and always would look up to.

You were younger

but you took care of me,

in the way only you could have.

I was the fragile one,

and you were the strong one,

even at such age.

How would that strength

manifest now,

as a grown man?

Maybe you would have been

there when I lost my mind.

Maybe I wouldn’t have lost my mind

if you could have been nearby.

I’ve been so alone for so long

without you.

I know it’s because no one

can ever fill your role for me.

Maybe that is too much

to assign to someone so small,

but you’ve figured large in my life.

Do you remember our marches?

Do you remember our drumming?

Do you remember hugging?

I remember us laughing a lot.

I remember your hands.

I remember your hair.

Have I told you about her?

Her skin is like yours;

her hair is too.

Is that strange?

I’ll talk to you again soon,

like I always do

when no one is around.

I hope you hear me.

I hope you understand English.

I miss you so much, my Brother.