For Marcella

Remember long ago
When I’d speak to you
Yet you were not possible

Now you are close
And your arrival is imminent
What will I say to you

Will it be fanciful or silly
Will I ruin the moment
Will I just fall in love

And then…

2014-10-19 12.34.37

It all happened
You arrived
It surprised me

I didn’t ruin anything
I wasn’t too silly
I did fall in love

Nothing was as I expected
You are here
You are teaching me all

Snapshots of Willemstad


Warm breezes made of joy
Brotherhood of childhood
Parenting that doesn’t stifle

Dark men working hard under a harsh sun
Mankind bare and unresolved
Happiness of celebration for its own sake

Lizards and parrots
Orioles float above it all
Cactus overlook the ocean

Water soothes
Clumsiness in water
Desire to soar

Time is tangible as the waves come and the clouds roll
I close my eyes and try to capture being here

Willemstad, Curaçao

Willemstad, Curaçao

One to Ten

Now split

Early Goodbye
Welcome new sister
Another one delights

“Si me duele la pipa”
A copy of the one now gone
The land of snow calls to us, maybe

A dream
A true horror
Moving again, but why?
Crying wakes me leaving me cold
Change in plans once more, why do we have to?

Pots and pans
Mom is depressed
I’m a stranger in my skin
Dad sends us audio tapes we wear out

We make it to the football school finals
I wonder about Manitoba
Imagining a child in China
Aware and smarter than most
Soft bald head grow blonde curls
Pick a book and read
The last breath floats
All alone
Just me


Just in time

His green eyes haunt me
Promises made long ago
Surely they’ll come true
Even now I know they will

Our son has his swagger
Our daughter has his laughter
Always reminding me
That he’ll come back to me

My grandchildren play outside
I see him in them
And I know he’ll soon return
For he promised he would

I’ve never ventured far
I expect him to walk behind me
Reach for my hip like he does
His warm breath on my neck

His green eyes I see
His strong hands I feel
His sweet voice telling me
Camille, I’ll be back soon

As I take my very last breath
I’m still certain
My beloved will return in time
He never broke a promise


From Madrid to Barcelona

The train speeds between towns
My ancestral land ebbs and flows
A geographic movie before me

Two African boys in Lleida Pirineus
Huddle under a bridge
Incomprehensible gestures

Lives happening beyond reach
For a moment an imagined truth
Elusive as your thoughts

I grasp for shared insight
I see words forming on a trestle
The graffiti reads “FUCK LOVE!”