Have you?

Have you ever had the aftertaste
When desperation subsides?

Life has kicked you in the teeth
You were flat on the ground
Swallowing your pride
And a good dose of blood

You looked around to see
What hit you so hard
Standing there wearing bloody boots
Was yourself smirking back

You are not what you thought
There was only one person
That could have taken you down
And it would always be yourself

Have you ever looked around
And found insanity waning?

You look in the rearview mirror
And see carnage behind you
What could have done that
Yes, it was you and you alone
But you are too good
You have thought
Turns out you were not
You are all too human

Have you ever reached out
And found another landscape?

You find that the calm
Means something else now
All that once was is gone
A new world stands there

You want to crawl back
For what you know
But that is long gone
Even if you can still see it

Have you ever been deafened
By the silence between heartbeats?

You die every second or so
And every breath is your last
And you are born again
Only to die once more

There is always calm
Somewhere and sometimes
There is always turmoil
When you least expect it


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