First Half of April Haikus

Last month one of my readers suggested I break my monthly summary of daily haikus into two. Here are the April 1st to April 15th haikus.

The streets of our town
Lost the meaning they once had
Forgive me, my friend

Flowers bloom in Spring
Life swells green below our feet
Vibrations of life

Your laughter warns me
Like a meditation bell
To appreciate

When you say my name
My heart soars above it all
You catch me grinning

I love to watch when
Your hands dance as you speak
You are not Latin?

Chasing history
Has never been this much fun
Are you surprised too

Car rides together
When you break into a song
Are a dream to me

When it is all done
What makes a true holiday
But your hand in mine

Sometimes I am scared
That the ringing in my ears
Becomes all I know

What a silly pup
You brighten every morning
With your carefree ways

I run to stay fit
The truth is much more than that
It’s meditation

People make choices
How do they arrive to them?
No one is the same

Pressure in my head
Threatens to rip it open
Make too much of it

From the other room
I hear you tell life stories
It’s a symphony

I irritate you
I never mean to do so
Can you forgive me?

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