Just in time

His green eyes haunt me
Promises made long ago
Surely they’ll come true
Even now I know they will

Our son has his swagger
Our daughter has his laughter
Always reminding me
That he’ll come back to me

My grandchildren play outside
I see him in them
And I know he’ll soon return
For he promised he would

I’ve never ventured far
I expect him to walk behind me
Reach for my hip like he does
His warm breath on my neck

His green eyes I see
His strong hands I feel
His sweet voice telling me
Camille, I’ll be back soon

As I take my very last breath
I’m still certain
My beloved will return in time
He never broke a promise


From Madrid to Barcelona

The train speeds between towns
My ancestral land ebbs and flows
A geographic movie before me

Two African boys in Lleida Pirineus
Huddle under a bridge
Incomprehensible gestures

Lives happening beyond reach
For a moment an imagined truth
Elusive as your thoughts

I grasp for shared insight
I see words forming on a trestle
The graffiti reads “FUCK LOVE!”